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beauty: Post Covid-19

Safety & Sanitation


"Safety and sanitation is, and always has been, an essential part of the beauty experience"

Safety and Sanitation have been at the forefront of the SN Beauty Experience since the beginning. As part of Cosmetology training, it was a requirement to shout "SANITATION!" whenever there was a dropped tool and well... that experience never really leaves you! It's the reason for a death grip on tools, and why the infrequently dropped tools are kicked to the side and replaced with new clean tools during services.

With COVID-19 those standards have been increased with completion of Barbicide and Safe Sets Certifications to stay educated on Safety Best Practices. The inclusion of PPE has been implemented to ensure mitigation of exposure. All services are completed with a mask with the availability of gloves and a face shield, as needed.

All work areas, tools, and products are cleaned, sanitized, disinfected, and separated by client. Single-use disposable tools are used where ever possible, as always.

Additionally, temperatures are checked prior to services and those who are feeling under the weather or who have been potentially exposed are required to cancel services.

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